I sometimes wish i could switch lives with someone else, ut when you think about it, why would you want someone else to live your horrible life?

I also wish that life wasn't so hard cause then we would have as many suicides if you think about it. If parrents weren't as hard on us we might enjoy life more. I know lif is hard cause of money and all that but kids wouldn't be as bad if their parents weren't mean. If only the world could change.

Another wish is that parents would let the kids see there boyfriend/ girlfriend or even just friends when they need them most instead of keeping us locked in our room cause we have been 'bad'. Kids geet in trouble mostly to me cause of the stress at home or something bad happend at home that 1 little thing sets them off and then they get into trouble. It's not always the childs foult when they get into trouble its sometimes the parents foult.

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