Why is life so hard on me?

Ok, so I am a little late home big deal 5 minutes doesn't mean I was killed or kidnapped just means there was trafic. No if im just a minute late im grounded for a month. Can't leave to see my friends, can't go for a walk or even just to get fresh air. Can only leave for school and staight home on a certain time.

I forgot to take out the trash or unload the dish washer. So what people forget this sometime but no grounded for a month or more

I talk to my mom everyday to let her know im ok or sad or that school was a pain. "Stop calling your mother all the time! She don't need to know that you got pushed into a locker 50 times today or got an A on your Algebra 1 test!" my step mom would say.

If i even just forget to make my bed or pick something up off the floor I get yelled at. Every little thing my step mom looks for to yell at me about. I just look at her and she takes it as a threat.

My dad is a different story. He don't say much. When i tell people about what has been happening at home they say he don't have a backbone. Now that I think about it, he don't really. Every 'crime' i have ever did it is my step mom who yells at me not my dad. She says my dad has the ideas but he never says anything about it.

You might not really care but in 15 ok and my step mom is saying that since in so 'bad' that my dad is plannin gon getting me a 14-15 year old babysitter over summer. I'm not a bad teen I just stay in my room to try to stay out of trouble but get yelled at cause i am always in my room. I do my chorse and my homework for the most part, but what they don't understand is the reason i get into trouble at school is because of all the stress at home. I'm so worried that if i do something I will get into trouble cause of it. Most of my teachers that I try to explain to them the reason I am late ( My first period teacher and 5a Teacher) they don't understand. I need to talk to my friends to get everything off my chest or i get into trouble at home, but no be on time talk to them later. I can't talk to them later cause my step mom won't let me text or call any of them or even leave the house to talk to them. If i don't tell anyone whats going on i go crazy and yell at my step mo which causes more trouble. Which causes trouble at school them back at home then school over and over. I have so much stress that i can't sleep at night or pay attention in class sometimes.

I hope that soon i get to move with my mom. Sure its out of state but as long as i have freedom or just a little freedom i will be happy. If i can also bring my cat i will be even happier. my step mom dont even like my cat so what does she have to lose a slave in her house?

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  1. cassieadk

    Thanks for understanding. Life has been this was since I first got my ears pierced and I was around 5 or 6 maybe even 7 years old.

    May 06, 2014