Whats your opinon on this story so far....

"Mom, why are you crying?"


"Cause I'm so happy that your growing up. One day you will get around my age and might have one of your own kids to soon like I did. I hope you don't do the same stuff i did just 5 years ago."


"Mom I won't, I promi..."


***** BANG, BANG, BANG******


"Jane! Jane wake up! You have to get ready for school! Get dressed and get down stairs!" The sound of my mother banging on my door and yelling for me to wake up is always a plesent sound. Not.


Every night I have the same dream. I'm only 5 years older then I now and a little girl calling me mom. She's only about 4-5 years old. She has my greenish brown eyes and lighter brown hair then mine.


I go to the High School here in Clovertucky and I have been for almost a month with still the same friends since elementry. I have made some new friends like one or two but hardly any. Its not that I don't want to make new friends its just I have trust issuses. Its been that way since I was little. My mom almost every few months would have a new boyfriend and he would try to replace my real or old dad. After about five of them I began to shut down and stop talking to some people and playing with my parents. Enough of my past I have to get ready for school.


I started getting dressed and went down stairs. I helped my self to some breakfast when not even five minutes later my dog, Max a pitbull came up asking for some food. I fed him and went off to school.


-----2 hours later-----


"Hey Jane! How was your weekend?" My friend Ace asked.


"Fine. How was yours?"


"It was amazing. My boyfriend Joe and I did some things and let me tell you it was fun." Ace and Joe have only been dating over summer and hes two grades higher then us. "Don't worry we used protection so no child for me."




"Whats your problem today? I think we really need to get you a boyfriend." Ace said. She is always trying to get me out of my confort zone, but i think its time for a change. Not yet though, totally not yet.


"Maybe but not yet. I haven't seen anyone that intrests me. If I find someone I like I will give you a call to help, ok. Will you stop talking about it now?"


"Fine but when class is over we will begin the search, deal."


No, no deal. come on I'm not ready. If i don't she will keep asking but if I do I won't be really in the mood or, I will find the one that makes me happy and helps me out of my confort zone but not far out of it.


"Fine, Deal."




We leave class and start sorting the boys from i would date to who i could date and the ones out of the question. But then there was this one guy that caught my atttention and fell in love with on the spot.....

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