My Guardian Angel; Chapter One: Lilly's P.O.V.

Chapter One: Lilly's P.O.V.


          “Banjo keep up with me, we don't have time to mess around!” I yelled behind me running to the school.

          “I’m coming, but do we have to run?”

          “No I just wanted to be close to this wall.”

          “Lilly, why did you make me run all the way here, when school don't start for another 15 minutes?” I don't really know why other then I wish he would kiss me. I have a boyfriend but I really love banjo.

          “ could tell me why your name is banjo.” Stupid moron, he already told you last time you tried this.

          “Because my parents were drunk and loved to play the Banjo. I already told you this. So tell me why you wanted me to run all the way here.”

          “I have to tell you something....”

          “What is it Lilz, you know I don't judge you or anyone for that matter.” Should I tell him? No, yes, yes I have to tell him if I don't I would have to live with it forever......


<!--[if !supportLists]-->  <!--[endif]-->Flashback * ( 2 years ago )

          “Banjo... Banjo let's go.... go to the park and make new friends.”

          “But...but I can't replace you Lil bear.”

          “You’re not replacing me just adding.”

          “Oh, okay. Look at him, is he friendly?”

          “I don't know let's go ask.” We walked to a boy with short dirty blond hair with brown eyes playing by the swings. “ H...Hi, do you want to be our friend?...”

          “Name is Ash and sure why not, what’s your names? Wait let me guess, Beautiful and chubby?”


          “Hey I'm not chubby.” banjo said with a sad face. “And her name is not beautiful, she is beautiful but that’s not her name. It’s Lilly.”


          “His name is Banjo. Don’t ask why just live with is Ash.”

          “I can live with that so what you want to do?”

          “Just talk I guess.” I said happily.

          “Lilly can I talk to you?” Banjo asked me pulling my arm.

          “Yeah, what about?”

          “I like you but as a good friend I would do anything to keep you from harm and Ash seems bad to me.”

          “I know you are protective of me but you're the one who picked him to be our friend.”

          “True your right but be careful.”

          “I will.”


* Fast Forward 1 year *


          “Ash, honey lets go meet Banjo at the park.”

          “Do we have to?”

          “Yes, he’s a good friend to me and to you. Why don't you want to go?”

          “I do but he don't like me does he?”

          “He does he’s just...protective of me.”

          “That explains the calls and texts and everything.”

          “Hey, don't talk like that about him. He lives a hard life.”

          “Yeah and your safe with me and he needs to see that. I won't do anything to you ever.”


* Flashback ends *


          “Lilly are you okay?”

          “Yeah, yeah I'm fine.”

          “So, um what did you want to tell me?”

          “I love you!” I put my hands over my mouth and started running but someone stopped me.

          “I'm glad you said that.” What he’s glad.

          “I have loved you since 6th or 5th grade. That’s why I was and still a protective of you.” He leans over about to kiss me when.... Ash walks by and he pulled away fast.

          “Banjo, I knew I should have killed you in 7th grade. I knew it!” He pulled out a gun and pointed it at Banjo.

          “NOOO!! You kill him you kill me to.”

          “You love him don't you?” He looked as if he was going to cry but instead he pointed his gun at himself and shot it. The gun wasn't loaded and everyone went crazy.

          “Why in the hell did you do that?!” I yelled so loud I thought I was going to cry.

          “Because I would have been dead if it wasn't for you loving me!”

          “I’m sorry but he was going to kiss me and you had to come in and ruin it! We are done and have been for a long time!”

          “Fine!” He pulled out a knife and threw it at me. It missed but it cut my arm.

          “We have 2 minutes till school starts so let’s get this figured out and look its Acelynn maybe she can help?” Banjo said pointing towards the other side of the wall.

          I ran over to her and cried in her arms. “It was horrible you can't imagine.”

          “ What’s happened?”

          “ Banjo almost kissed me, I broke up with Ash and he tried to kill me.”

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