You may not believe me when i tell you this but i had a dream that my grandmas dog who was a year older then me died in the stair case. About a week or so later he died. I also had a dream the my step sister (who is amazing) would have a baby, she did. I don't know if it means anything but I think it might.

I know lots of people can do this but I can 90% of the time tell how someones feeling by just passing them or looking at then. Even some people who are good at hiding their emotions.

Does this mean anything?

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  1. yumihe

    I’m not sure… I experience the same, dream-wise. However, for me it happens when something bad may happen soon.
    Maybe in general, you’re really good at seeing emotions behind someone. I know a person just like you, they were able to know what type of life, emotions, or personality of an individual, even if they just met them. Incredible, really.

    May 06, 2014